- My Computer Guy offers a wide variety of services for your PC or Mac. We will visually inspect your computer, backup your information, run diagnostics, recreate the issue you are having, and build a quote based on what issues we find. Some of the  services we offer are:

PC and Mac Repair:

- My Computer Guy is your full service tech department. We are happy to repair your PC’s, Macs, laptops, phones, networks or servers. Our professional technicians have worked on thousands of computers, computer virus removal and hard drive restoration. This is what we do!

Laptop Repair:

- My Computer Guy fixes any laptop you bring in may it be 

  • Acer / Gateway
  • Apple
  • ASUS
  • Dell / Alienware
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
Or anything in between.

Virus Cleanup:

- My Computer Guy takes Virus protection and Security extremely seriously. If you find yourself in a position of having a virus, My Computer Guy has the capabilities to update your settings, remove the virus, and in most cases save and restore your data.

Data Recovery:

- Data recovery is the process by which computer experts salvage and extract lost data from hard drives, and other storage media corrupted by a wide array of natural and human causes. In fact, the depth of our data recovery dwarfs the data recovery functions currently offered by disk utility software.
- Some of the more common corrupters and destroyers of computer data are mechanical or software failure, human error, physical damage, natural disasters, electro-magnetic failures, computer virus attacks and user errors. My Computer Guy offers a quick and cost effective solution to all your data recovery needs.

Preventive Maintenance:

- We will help speed up the computer by removing unneeded files, services, and start up programs. We will also, check the hard drive for errors, and defragment the hard drive. We will visually inspect the computer and clear dust and debris from the interior to maintain proper processes.

Upgrades on Hardware and Software:

- From upgrading memory to replacing your DVD drive, we can do it. We can also upgrade your operating system, and any software that you need. Just bring the computer by for a quote.

Custom Built Desktop Computers:

- When trying to decide on which computer system to purchase, it often feels as though we want one thing from one system and another from an entirely different system, or want to do without something else altogether. My Computer Guy will consult with you about your needs, take your wish list and your budget into account, and build you a custom designed PC that suits your needs.